Benefits of opting for paint less dent repair for your car

When it comes to meeting the restyling needs of your automobile you should trust only the best. Choose a vendor who has enough experience handling a variety of automobiles. And choose someone who is an advocate of the latest methods in automobile repair and restyling processes.

Getting a dent on your car would be nothing short of a nightmare. A bigger nightmare is getting that repaired. But now things have changed. We have numerous methods to remove the dent leaving no trace. So you would get back your car as good as new. There is one method that is very popular for dent repair and that is paint less dent repair. This is a revolutionary way to restore your car to the factory conditions. This is a method that can be used on steel as well as aluminum panels.

What is paint less dent repair (PDR)?

This is a method where minor dents can be removed from the surface of an automobile at a reduced cost and time than conventional methods. There are various techniques adopted for paint less dent repair. In most cases, the dent is first analyzed and then the area is accessed so as to apply pressure. The dent is removed by the applied pressure without affecting the surrounding surface.

Benefits of PDR:

While there are several ways to address dent issues PDR is still one of the most popular methods because of the following benefits it offers:

1.Reduction in the cost:

This is a method that is known to be relatively less expensive than most other dent removal techniques. There is no requirement for paintwork on the automobile after the dent removal and these cuts down the cost to a great extent. The affordability makes this one of the most sought-after methods.

2.Reduction in the time taken:

Along with the reduced cost comes the reduced time is taken as well. The turnaround time for the whole process is much less than that for other dent repair methods. The actual time taken might vary depending on the position of the dent, the size of the dent and the number of dents as well.

3.Your automobile’s resale value is not affected:

It is a well-known fact that the resale value of your automobile depends also on the paint job done on it. The original paint that comes from the factory is of unrivaled quality. So repainting after a dent removal would hamper the resale value in the long run. With PDR the original paint would not be touched and resale value is thus not affected.

4.Eco-friendly option:

This is the most eco-friendly method of dent repair available in the market. There are no chemicals or fillers used in the process. There are a lot of toxic chemicals released into the air when a repainting is done. This is avoided in PDR.

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How does the PDR method really differ from other dent removal methods?

In most dent removal methods the work is done by treating the surface that is dented from the outside. But with PDR the dent is removed from the panel at the back. The dent is also accessed by removing the door panel or even through the holes on the door frame. This way the external surface of the automobile remains untouched. And this is a process that takes hardly few minutes for all the small dents.

With the conventional methods, there are fillers used to cover up the dent. This is then followed by painting the surface in order to match the rest of the surface. This is very tough and difficult to achieve as most factory finishes cannot be replicated outside. After all the efforts and the time took this method also doesn’t give a long-term solution. But with paint less dent repair, the issue is addressed on the surface from the inside and this means that the metal frame is restored to the original state. So the chance of the dent coming back from exposure to sun and other situations is nearly zero.

The effectiveness of the results depends on the automotive restyling vendor you choose. So stop worrying about the dent in your car and leave it to the experts.